Monday, December 21, 2009

Hospital staff luncheon

this happened last thursday,as the hospital kitchen people set up a free lunch for all NH staffs. They sent the long list of menu to each staff a week or 2 before hand; which had me drool over just by reading the list.

So on the day, I went down to the dining room at my usual time 12.10pm, only to found long queue of people there. OMG, I had never ever seen so many staff in the dining room ever. Almost every table full, including the garden, and the other garden as well. So yeah i had no choice but to queue up.

It was great lunch and good choices of food as well as dessert.

And tomorrow, our kris kringle time in the hospital, (PS: i heard got santa as well, not sure lah...)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


on sunday, we went to played basket ball and volley ball at monash with my church friends.

If i counted back, when the last time i played; maybe 5 years back??? wooww time surely passed by so quickly. So i started with basketball, with a group that grow in number by the minutes. So it wasn't so tiring for me for the first time. After we all wanted a break and the break seemed long enough for us, to started a new team, which is 3 on 3. This was more tiring than the first one. but i've grown bored over it, and switch to volley ball. Not even 5 minutes, i already got hit by volley ball that fall flat on my face and hit my glasses flat. It didn't make me give up, so i played. The annoying thing was i was never ever and basically never can serve the ball straight. So i told them that, and they insisted me to serve as you can. Okay i gave it a go and yeah the first one flew to the right but still in the court and second one flew far away to the left into the soccer field. Wkakakka.... after that, it annoyed me so much, and somehow i managed to serve straight.

After 3 hours of playing, and i didn't even feel tired or aching. BUT the next day my body was aching all over. huh... this was a result that i was too lazy to do sports on my normal days

early xmas dinner party

Last friday, was officially the last day of my annual leave (sob...sob...sob...). But my crying scene was erased by my path lab dinner party at the Alpha Ouzer on brunswick st. I went there too darn early, arrived at 6.45pm and no body were there. So I decided to called B, since i didn't know who made the booking. But, B didn't pick up the phone, omg... what should i do. I decided to entered the resto and asked the waiter. Firstly, I thought would be booked under A, so I asked the waiter, there was A for 12 people. In my thought it didn't seem right. So i asked again whether any other rsvp at 7pm. He listed out, and yeah.. E sounded ring a bell to me, so i asked for how many person; it was for 22 people. Now it seemed right. Later on one by one people come and (guessed what, they brought wine) OMG how many bottle of wines for the 22 of us. Since the freaking food come so slow (cos we were waiting for few of us who were late) so i kept on drinking wine,by the second full glass; my head spinning and i felt drunk; not only that my face red as well. So i felt the need to sober up by drinking water and ate the entree.

We had a banquet, it was a yummy food, I totally love it and wouldn't mind to come back again. I stayed back until 11.30pm and decided to went back home afraid no public transport for me to go home. Overall, nice outing, great time spent, and lovely food. Also the owner is my colleague's sister's husband.

Friday, December 4, 2009

5 days of pampered

I went to Sydney for a short hollies; which according to my friend it was quite random. Huh (in my head) random??? not really though...I had great time and good old time catching up with my old friends.

One thing that shocked me the most was, they all bought an apartment and car! I didn't expected their moving on stages that fast. So ended up i don't really need to spent my money on accommodation and transport. hahaha lucky me. But many things had changed, not only my friends; my beloved sydney had changed too. It felt like i was back to indo for a while, i seriously didn't feel like i was in western country anymore. I guessed to much asian and sydney has become something different.
Except for those, I had great break from work, re-charged again

Monday, November 30, 2009

end of chapter, begining of another

I've been having fun to the max in sydney. Love it!!! I've been wanting to catch up with all my foundation friends, and college friends. It's fun and sometimes when we talked about past, looked silly and so kiddy. But when I reflect back it was a quite an experience and that's what build me up as well shape me who i am now (i guessed).

However, all of us move on and we went on our separate life, our separate path. There's no way that i could turn back time etc. Thus, what in the past it was my history and now i'm creating and living my own life that i like. And this catch up time, it REALLY WORTH it and got deep meaning for me.

THank you all who had made all happened

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


we went to watched 2012 last weekend, its good. It have good CGI and all the movie flow real good. It wasn't as i expected to be, but overall i'm satisfied enough, with the effect and the script. Even though all of us, maybe being so noisy and gave to many comments, but we did enjoy the movie.

Did i mentioned the 12 of us? so irony, we went to watched 2012 with 12 ppl. hahah

Hen's nite

2 weeks ago, i attended a first hen's nite at dockland.

First when we arrived at the venue, we were lost; we didn't know which was our boat. Hmmm... after searching left and right and like a dummy we found ours. Yeah, took us to the end of the side deck of dockland harbor. We went on the boat, and me and B got CARDED. The security guard asked us for ID, the bloody hell; why only us Asian that you asked us for ID,since the rest of our colleagues didn't get one. Huph...
We were so happy got the dance floor, but idiotically we thought only us, but hell yeah.. the rest of people already downstair, on their table. (in my thought.. yeah got open bar hahhaa). Then before the boat start sailing, we were presented by safety instruction, and introduction of each groups. Then starter came along, while we crazily tease our friend S; who getting married this coming jan. Dinner... and cakess..... love it... fun...

It was a fun nite

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

what a coinsidence

last weekend,when I went to church, I met my hometown neighbor who happened to be in Melbourne without me knowing it. But the pai seh thing, he was the one who recognized me first after my friend called my name. In addition, the first word he said to me was ' you look different, Drey' (hmmm... i really did not know what to replied with). Interestingly enough, we were in the same elementary and high school and yet, we met here in Melbourne after few years never met, even though i went back home for holidays. It's feels like i'm at home, and bring back all the memories of home.

Friday, October 23, 2009

hectic but fun weekend

last week was the second week that i didn't do my weekly groceries shooping waaa....

I was initially lazing in my room, since the week before i was having of sleep deprive due everynight i went out and came back home late, so i was high on coffee while i was working on the day. But, mostly every saturday, i always need to go to groceries and sometimes i didn't go cos of sudden interuption. So as last saturday, i didn't go as well thus i was planing to go on sunday. BUT>>>>>>>>
When I was initially planing to go to get a groceries after i went to myer to get new shoes. So here we go, I went to myer; and in the middle of paying of my 2 lovely shoes; my friend called me. Guess what, she asked me wheather i want to go to the new DFO south wharf. Hell yeah... I was bitching about it to my other church friends the nite before. So i quickly said yes, (bcos i didn't remember that i told her that i want to go there) so i asked her; how would she know that i want to go there. Then she said, oohhh jeffrey told me so. Ah ha.... and (yeah still in my head i don't think that i tell him that). SO anyway, i met them in the dfo itself. Firstly i was lost, cos i thought it linked to the melb convention centre, but instead it was a bit slanted to the right from the melb convention centre. so, i met them in the good guys store, as they just arrived as well. First, i felt weird to shop with 3 guys and 1 girl. Then 15 mins or so we decided to shop separately, then we meet up in armani shop. Yeah, it worked. After we finished we went to movie, to watch Mao's last dancer. It was good but us so noisy at the back hahaha.... crazy lah.. but fun. Then we decided to go for dinner at dessert house. So again not being able to do my groceries shopping and yet i came back late, getting more annoyed because of lacking sleep and when i reached home i was so full so i can't felt asleep. But, it was a lovely weekend and well indeed spent.

The next day, another caffeine injection for me...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

death by cakes, and extra bits and pieces of dessert

On friday, I was completely forgotten about the fact one of the intern in our lab finishing his intern today. So he brought 2 boxes of cakes, and bits and pieces of other nibbles for our morning tea. owww.. i was almost fainted when i entered our kitchen and saw all the foods.... mannnn.... i got shocked.
Then I took a small slice of the white chocolate cake and got mocha from the cafe in the hospital. Owww.. felt like in heaven, when i ate the cake; since i had been going on and on wanting to make one but i had no time for it. Then, silently I wished that there would be some cake left for our afternoon tea, and voila.. there's some left. Then i took the chocolate one, in BIG piece, and when my coleagues saw me, they tease me....
Later on at nite I got meeting, which ended up with going out for a dinner in the city and dessert in south melbourne, and yet I ate another cake. oh... full on cake for today, and i had enough.. to many cakess... i felt soooooooo happy.... yeah ....... even i know its bad for my weight.. but aiya dont care la.. hahaha...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

who am I

looking up to the dark cloudy sky
a drop crystal from heaven
it feels like i wanted to run
in the rain
to be soaking wet
drench like a rat
somewhere in my heart
longing for this
i no longer bound
i am free
free like a child

i still remember, how I behave when i was small (around primary school), when ever there was rain ( a pour down one), me and my other friends always running around in the rain. I didn't really remember what was i thinking back there, but i felt happy, and free. However, day after that I felt sick, bcos i was drench in the school bus and no clothes that i can get a change into. How silly but fun.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


After last weekend gathering, or suppose i called it double birthday celebration for Yong and Weichau. I just realized, that now we are in different stage of life; working lifestyle. Before on, when I went to gathering, the whole group talk about their uni life, subjects, and what their plan for after finishing uni. But now, slowly; the focus slide across to the busy working life style. Don't get me wrong, I love and enjoying my work. I can say that my working environment is really supportive and conducive. But this also show that, the life in uni and working is totally different.
Now no more late nite going out, or even stay up until morning time, party like no more tomorrow. Now, i need to think on the effect afterward, such hungover ect.. will impact on my next day of work, and no alcohol policy of the hospital; make it more cruel.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wasn't myself

Yesterday, when I still in shock memory of my mom condition. In the morning, as I enter micro section; my colleague asked me how I am. Then without even thinking, I said no good. Nah... there it went, the qns session of what was it about; suddenly as I blurted out I begun to cry (which is I hate the most to show my feeling). I just not prefer to have my personal life and my work life clump together, for me it doesn't reflect on how professional I am. But I just can't help it to cry in front of her. However, she asked me whether I wanted to tell our manager of my condition and take day off. I felt it wasn't necessary to do so. But as resulted, my morning time, I wasn't smoothly did my work; since my heart and head still filled with the thought of my mom condition. Argh... how I hate it, when I 'm like that.

Other than that, I feel so much supported in here; it's so different and totally the opposite of my previous job. I like it here.... love it I can say that...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

feeling pathetic

I did not have any weird feeling yesterday; and yet I just got a shocking news from my uncle that my mom was admitted to hospital last night. I got this sms from my uncle; where for the past few days she stayed in their house. Then straight, after I received this sms I called my dad to ask him about my mom condition. I know that, my parents do not want me to over worried that's why they did not tell me. But, please at least let me know; even though I know I can't do much over here.
Ma, please get well soon... I wish I have doraemon door that I can straight away go to see you... I hope I can take care of you, I want to go back to Indo to see you... But, I know deep down you will against this... I don't know what to do....God...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Farewell Arini

After we finished our PD, some of my friends going to send Arini to airport. Firstly I thought, nah... too lazy to follow them. But at the end Jeffry asked me and my friend whether we want to send Arini to airport as well. Then, after my thought of 5 mins, with an addition of ' Jeffry saying that there's still 2 space left in Simon's car' then I thought may as well i send her to airport (bcos i don't know when i will see her again). However, there was a slight change of plan, so instead me and Viki follow Simon, we follow Aswin.

On the way, the 5 of us so noisy, and we also decided to stop by the kebab stall in flemington rd before heading to airport. Oh well, since i was too hungry, it's not a bad idea though....

Reached airport, meeting up with the rest of ppl from another cars, and yeah start the 'picture time' yey...

After, Arini passed through the international check, the whole bunch of us still there doing nothing and talking non sense, which was i don't mind since i haven't done it for sometimes.


So many people from our church going for good. It's just last weekend that I had farewell lunch for my ex-uni classmate and farewell dinner for one of my church friend. Eventhough, it was a busy weekend but I had fun catching up and see how's everyone doing now. So yeah... I think, last weekend was fabolous. With a great weekend leads a great weekday at work too....

Reminder to myself: to get whole bunch of farewell lunch pics from Eilleen, and farewell dinner pics from Encim??? ( can't remember who took the most pics though).

Great weekend..... good friends ..... good time spent

Friday, July 3, 2009

highlight and lowlight

Last week recap

I was so happy, that I finally found my passion in working in hospital. Not many of you know, that I always envy people who work in hospital (i also don't know the clear reason of it, if you ask me about it) ^_^

But all of these happiness was ruined on the weekend. You know what, i got food poisoning from eating japanese food in shogun. I WILL NEVER EVER GO THERE ANYMORE. So from that, it was completely ruin my happy weekday into sad and suffering weekend.

This week

The pain from weekend still there until around mid week, and to top it up, in haem was freaking busy and stressful, I would say haem workstation is the most painful of all my shift.

Luckily, weekend is here already, so no more haem in next week....

Things to look for:
- 3 farewell party for this weekend (wuih... busy..)
- get more money from EFY tax
- house hunting...
- new glasses

Sunday, June 21, 2009


where there a reason
you can continue to live on
where there is a doubt
you can't think clearly
where there is a mistrust
you can't rely on
where there no body
you can still rely on GOD
cries like no body care
cries all your sorrow
place your hope to GOD
don't take control of your life
but let GOD control and direct you
life is His biggest give to you
thankyou that You reminded me on these

This was what i found in yesterday MP.

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Environment

A new month as an official winter season just started.
Me personally, glad that winter started already. Bcos, I just love it.. I don't really like hot weather. But maybe, it kinda funny; since i'm asian born but behaving and liking all western stuffs eg; cold weather, and can't eat chilli. Yeah I know, (for most of my close circle of friends know that I'm more like caucasion than asian). WKAKAKAKA....
As per today, I got home early. Wah.... I should feel happy, but for some certain reason that me myself did not understand as well, I felt guilty cos i thought I should be in the lab doing all my duty instead roaming around in the house. Oh well, I think I'm kinda strange...
This morning I went to AH for induction session in the morning then I stayed there for a while for lunch, had my blood taken in the pathology as a compulsory (ouuuccchhh, I know I should scared of the stupid needle ) but still for the first bottle to be filled in, I quickly looked away; but I embarace myself to looked at it later on for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th bottle to be filled in with MY BLOOD!! >.<
I went to AH REPAT to get my ID, then I went back straight home...

PS: that AH is way..way.. bigger with a cool looking building design compared to NH. But for the time being I like it in NH. haha... can't complain lah... I'm happy as it is...

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Okay, these started with my 5 years old mobile that just died on me. So I was panicky like crazy. Then it ended up, as coma for the rest of the weekend, and when it returned from Nokia centre; it still the same. So I decided to buy E63, even though feeling guilty deep inside (as that time i was jobless). The following week, I got accepted in Austin; so on the same day I went to have a hair cut in city. Since been long time i had not had a hair cut and my hair getting out of shape. As well as I knew, that when i start the job i would not be able to have lots of free time as roaming around the city to look or even have a hair cut, since my weekend pretty much busy as well. And the following week I STARTED my new job in the hospital... I think so far I like it, firstly the place not as far as my work place before, secondly the public transport just stop infront of the hospital without me need to walk to far (>< i know i dun have enough morning exercise if like this... anyway dun care), thirdly, got shopping mall just opposite the hospital.. yeahh... (even though I haven't been inside to shop, but more or less from outside look like similar to highpoint).

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tuna pastry puff

I've been asked to help to cook a snack to be sold in PD. Firstly, I didn't even know what should I make to start with, but funnily; when J asked me then I straight away said yes without even thinking.
On friday, I was trying to make the indonesian version of cheese cake; but turned up to be a failure. So, I didn't know what else that I felt like making it for. In saturday morning, I decided to flipped some of cooking magazine; I came to give a shot on making the tuna pastry puff. It actually in Indo version is called 'pastel', however, I made some (actually not some its a lots) of modification. But turned up sucessful, other than the silly me that I should picked a short crust instead of puff pastry!!!! Arghh..... Other than that, it's okay.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 and me....

I've been so bored for the past week, not only that and I also fed up with my phone. My world have been revolving around in the same manner, same style and same every single week. That's why I felt it to the max that my boredom limit had reached it peak. So i decided to change a bit.
Starting of the early last week, my nokia 6630 decided to died on me...on the weekend. How frustrated I am. Not only, i lost my contacts I also lost my cute sms and pics. How? It started of by me unable to open a new sms that i received from my friend; then I decided to hit the restart button. BUT when i switch it on, the screen only went so far as 'NOKIA' that's it. Moreover, I didn't realised up until my phone died, that I store my contacts detail in my phone not in SIM CARD!
I went to nokia center to fix it, and few days later ended up that my phone got some problems with micro something and (TO BE ADDED) since I got it in overseas, they said they can't fix it HERE IN AUSSIE! What a bothersome argh...
SO ended up i got a new phone with a quatery keypad... Even, at this stage i tried to save some money, and it's all ended up by spending my money to buy a new mobile phone because of this stupid problem.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Days by day

I miss my hectic life. My busy lifestyle... when I'm gonna get it back? Keeping my unoccupied my occupied. Making my life busy and busy bzzzz. This recession economic crisis, make everything look bad. For investing, for work, for houses, for loans. And for study??
Even though I was glad that I ever work before even though it was few months and it was in the past. I want my life back on track...
Maybe i can be classified as one of thousand or million people who workaholic, but I love it. Even, I know it look bad on my social relation. But its like I can't change it, or maybe I can? I need to work it on though...
I need job....

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The part that i missed

It's been a while since i switch from few different blog account. Then at last I deactivate my xanga. Maybe it's almost a year?!?? I can't really recall. However, now i started to miss bit and pieces of blogging in my spare time.
I felt something missing, then tonite it hit the spot quite rite. So yeah... that's the reason now i re-continue on my blogging for ranting all my unuseful and random things.