Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wasn't myself

Yesterday, when I still in shock memory of my mom condition. In the morning, as I enter micro section; my colleague asked me how I am. Then without even thinking, I said no good. Nah... there it went, the qns session of what was it about; suddenly as I blurted out I begun to cry (which is I hate the most to show my feeling). I just not prefer to have my personal life and my work life clump together, for me it doesn't reflect on how professional I am. But I just can't help it to cry in front of her. However, she asked me whether I wanted to tell our manager of my condition and take day off. I felt it wasn't necessary to do so. But as resulted, my morning time, I wasn't smoothly did my work; since my heart and head still filled with the thought of my mom condition. Argh... how I hate it, when I 'm like that.

Other than that, I feel so much supported in here; it's so different and totally the opposite of my previous job. I like it here.... love it I can say that...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

feeling pathetic

I did not have any weird feeling yesterday; and yet I just got a shocking news from my uncle that my mom was admitted to hospital last night. I got this sms from my uncle; where for the past few days she stayed in their house. Then straight, after I received this sms I called my dad to ask him about my mom condition. I know that, my parents do not want me to over worried that's why they did not tell me. But, please at least let me know; even though I know I can't do much over here.
Ma, please get well soon... I wish I have doraemon door that I can straight away go to see you... I hope I can take care of you, I want to go back to Indo to see you... But, I know deep down you will against this... I don't know what to do....God...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Farewell Arini

After we finished our PD, some of my friends going to send Arini to airport. Firstly I thought, nah... too lazy to follow them. But at the end Jeffry asked me and my friend whether we want to send Arini to airport as well. Then, after my thought of 5 mins, with an addition of ' Jeffry saying that there's still 2 space left in Simon's car' then I thought may as well i send her to airport (bcos i don't know when i will see her again). However, there was a slight change of plan, so instead me and Viki follow Simon, we follow Aswin.

On the way, the 5 of us so noisy, and we also decided to stop by the kebab stall in flemington rd before heading to airport. Oh well, since i was too hungry, it's not a bad idea though....

Reached airport, meeting up with the rest of ppl from another cars, and yeah start the 'picture time' yey...

After, Arini passed through the international check, the whole bunch of us still there doing nothing and talking non sense, which was i don't mind since i haven't done it for sometimes.


So many people from our church going for good. It's just last weekend that I had farewell lunch for my ex-uni classmate and farewell dinner for one of my church friend. Eventhough, it was a busy weekend but I had fun catching up and see how's everyone doing now. So yeah... I think, last weekend was fabolous. With a great weekend leads a great weekday at work too....

Reminder to myself: to get whole bunch of farewell lunch pics from Eilleen, and farewell dinner pics from Encim??? ( can't remember who took the most pics though).

Great weekend..... good friends ..... good time spent

Friday, July 3, 2009

highlight and lowlight

Last week recap

I was so happy, that I finally found my passion in working in hospital. Not many of you know, that I always envy people who work in hospital (i also don't know the clear reason of it, if you ask me about it) ^_^

But all of these happiness was ruined on the weekend. You know what, i got food poisoning from eating japanese food in shogun. I WILL NEVER EVER GO THERE ANYMORE. So from that, it was completely ruin my happy weekday into sad and suffering weekend.

This week

The pain from weekend still there until around mid week, and to top it up, in haem was freaking busy and stressful, I would say haem workstation is the most painful of all my shift.

Luckily, weekend is here already, so no more haem in next week....

Things to look for:
- 3 farewell party for this weekend (wuih... busy..)
- get more money from EFY tax
- house hunting...
- new glasses