Friday, March 30, 2012


Finally after 8 years without spending my CNY with the big big extended family of mine back in jakarta, I had my chance this year to do so. I flew back again with Garuda, since I got special discount (my tixs was 945$) and 40 kg baggage allowance. I been missing the hectic of family reunion and the quite street (bcos some indo-chinese ppl would close their shops). So when I had started my itenary by visiting the jakarta chinatown. Wow, to be honest I was so shocked and extremely happy. Because I could see again the red and pink decoration that filled all the chinatown. Every where I saw was with a CNY spirit! (Note: now I know I thing I understood, the reason of my friends with chinese background would always go back for CNY) It was not only for the CNY spirit that filled the chinatown, but every where, even in Malls I saw the meticulous decoration for CNY as well as in clothing dept store, all filled with red colour! Wow, it was such a heaven on earth for me. I know I was pathetic, but could you imagined yourself exposed to these CNY massive celebration and decoration compared to the 'bare' of Aussie during CNY! hahaha....

One day before and on the day itself. I had a huge mountainous of my CNY favorite celebration foods! So happy... On top of met up with so called the long lost relatives back at home, which some of them I had not seen since I was junior high. I was having fun as well as lost in time. Did you believe some of them I did not recognize at first.

However, my CNY celebration in Indo this year was the best compared my CNY that I had in Aussie. I guessed the part of being hectic and I had chance to meet up with my 'lost relatives' it had given me a good spirit for this year. I hoped your CNY was awesome too!