Monday, May 10, 2010

at the right time

God has his own plan
His plan for you that you never expected
But His plan is beautiful at the right time
Even though first you look at it as nothing good that going to come up
But when the time right, it will be blossom
And all you need to do is to cherish them
Keep on persevering and have faith in Him

Sunday, May 9, 2010

not enough time
no more time
i wish i have a magic door
or even a time traveler

fate has brought us together
yet in short period
that you leaving
i wish i had gotten to know you longer
or maybe its only time
time that can tell

why time has play on us
wish can spend time more
with you

i don't care
and I don't even bother
yet i am counting down
2months with you is a short time
but 2 years will be like forever.

He brought you to my life
but in short period that you will be leaving soon
many thing i can think about
that would not change anything
I kept on resisting, to the fate
the fate that had play role in our life
the fate that you had stuck in my head
and keep on missing you one each day
wishing you could stay with me in here