Wednesday, June 2, 2010

time for learning
time for teaching

time for understanding
and time for to be understood

time for sharing
time for caring

time to meet
time to say goodbye

time to hold
and time to let go

until we see again in 2 months time
missing you...

Monday, May 10, 2010

at the right time

God has his own plan
His plan for you that you never expected
But His plan is beautiful at the right time
Even though first you look at it as nothing good that going to come up
But when the time right, it will be blossom
And all you need to do is to cherish them
Keep on persevering and have faith in Him

Sunday, May 9, 2010

not enough time
no more time
i wish i have a magic door
or even a time traveler

fate has brought us together
yet in short period
that you leaving
i wish i had gotten to know you longer
or maybe its only time
time that can tell

why time has play on us
wish can spend time more
with you

i don't care
and I don't even bother
yet i am counting down
2months with you is a short time
but 2 years will be like forever.

He brought you to my life
but in short period that you will be leaving soon
many thing i can think about
that would not change anything
I kept on resisting, to the fate
the fate that had play role in our life
the fate that you had stuck in my head
and keep on missing you one each day
wishing you could stay with me in here

Saturday, April 24, 2010

what i really want

yes and no
its a simple term, yet hard to say
which to choose, by logic or feeling
so hard yet so simple
either follow your head or your heart

Every time,our life is in the junction of choices; we hesitate to choose. If i take that maybe I will be bla bla bla and if i take that I will be bla bla bla. Come on!! you wouldn't know what the end result of your choices unless you chosen one. However, this come back to us as a person, what our gut feeling told us to do and do you have reassurance of doing so. Even, sometimes just sometimes the end result that we regret what we had chosen for; but I think it's worth of doing them. So i chosen to pursue it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


This whole week, i was so heart broken. Not because anything related to myself, but it were cases in the hospital. On monday, there were a code green in paed; then i quickly checked on my id badge. what the heck, there's no code green on our badge... whattt.... then one of my colleague told me it was something happened in paed (ie like a code blue in ed). Then in my mind i was thinking, what on earth was that, but I thought gosh.. they just a little mini creature what could gone wrong with them? And guess what, not long after that I was the one who handled the blood sample of that code green toddle. The next day, i received specimen in a bucket (like kfc bucket) and on top of the two bucket was written mortuary. Oh man, there were small twin baby inside. Actually, does the theater people have the decency of placing them in the much nicer box or other compartment that look decent enough, not in a bucket! At the same time, H crossed my mind. Because, he ever told me that he supposed had a twin, but his twin didn't make it, so ended up only him that come out. So, I thought how was his twin treated at that time?
Today, I received another paed sample, it was a baby blood sample with a clinical note of 'head keep banging, low concision, and (i forgot the last one)' when i read that note, i felt so pity; however i can't do anything for them.

One thing on my mind, why i was so affected on the paed's patients?

I got this from my ex-colleague email;

qoute for the day:
Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile..

Monday, April 12, 2010

easter camp

Just came back from easter camp. (don't laugh at me kay?) I know easter was last week, but somehow, the easter camp team, decided to make the camp one week after easter, due our busy schedule of everyday of church from thrusday to sunday.

So for the starter, we left southbank at 6pm-ish, and I follow M's car and H as our gps, just happened that I was the only girl in that car; (actually we thought of A in our car, but guess what, she only put her blanket in our car and follow other car).
Okay no problems, then not even 5 mins, i have already become their victim of being bullied.Oh well, as if i have another choice?!? To be honest our journey to mornington penisula felt so short (didn't even felt we ride for 1 hour).

After we reached destination, we went separate ways (since boys room and girls room were in different hall). Then we started our itinerary on friday nite. Hmmm... went to the meeting hall, followed the mass, then the announcement of sleeping group, dinner group and each duty.
Went back to my room, but can't sleep, literary i know each of my room mates each movement that night.

Next day I had a panda eyes! which i didn't realize until later of the afternoon. We had session and games and of course had lots of learning and fun.

THe following day, was the last day. So we had 1/2 day of session and photo session@!
loved it...

can't wait for the next camp on second semester!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY n Vals (year of tiger)

This year, the CNY and valentine day was on the same day; 14feb. Interesting enough, for us chinese people to celebrate both day on 1 shoot together. Isn't it save a bit of money, in celebrating 2 occasion in one day instead? haha.... (chinese thinking)

This CNY/val's, I was celebrating it with my friends. We went to chinese restaurant in Carnigie that serve yee sang (its a must dish on chinese new year); even though at the end we messed up our table. With the most of us wearing red, and some no-red, and only me wearing my pink 'Ben Sherman' shirt that look like all the rest of them celebrating CNY and i was celebrating Vals.

Afterward we headed toward city, following one of my friend's car. OMG, it has been ages that i haven't ride someone car who drove like back in indo. Man............. miss it. We stayed a bit for the lion dance in front of westlake, and the super loud chinese fire crackers.

-heart felt like, but exhausted-

Sunday, February 7, 2010

what a coincidence

sometimes we all think 'what a coincidence' this or that happened to us; or other people, or else on the other time we think its a 'pure luck' or 'got lucky today' etc and etc. But when i think back, and related it to what i believe it could not be those coincidence or luck or whatever it is. But it purely a chance, that you should met this person or good stuffs even a good bargain but deep down i still believe that these happened for a reason for me.

It takes time to find

only took a second to like
and only took a second to hate

the next minutes to be friend
and couple of days to become enemy

slowly to love
and faster to hate

but deep down no body know what your feeling

ps: miss you....