Monday, November 30, 2009

end of chapter, begining of another

I've been having fun to the max in sydney. Love it!!! I've been wanting to catch up with all my foundation friends, and college friends. It's fun and sometimes when we talked about past, looked silly and so kiddy. But when I reflect back it was a quite an experience and that's what build me up as well shape me who i am now (i guessed).

However, all of us move on and we went on our separate life, our separate path. There's no way that i could turn back time etc. Thus, what in the past it was my history and now i'm creating and living my own life that i like. And this catch up time, it REALLY WORTH it and got deep meaning for me.

THank you all who had made all happened

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


we went to watched 2012 last weekend, its good. It have good CGI and all the movie flow real good. It wasn't as i expected to be, but overall i'm satisfied enough, with the effect and the script. Even though all of us, maybe being so noisy and gave to many comments, but we did enjoy the movie.

Did i mentioned the 12 of us? so irony, we went to watched 2012 with 12 ppl. hahah

Hen's nite

2 weeks ago, i attended a first hen's nite at dockland.

First when we arrived at the venue, we were lost; we didn't know which was our boat. Hmmm... after searching left and right and like a dummy we found ours. Yeah, took us to the end of the side deck of dockland harbor. We went on the boat, and me and B got CARDED. The security guard asked us for ID, the bloody hell; why only us Asian that you asked us for ID,since the rest of our colleagues didn't get one. Huph...
We were so happy got the dance floor, but idiotically we thought only us, but hell yeah.. the rest of people already downstair, on their table. (in my thought.. yeah got open bar hahhaa). Then before the boat start sailing, we were presented by safety instruction, and introduction of each groups. Then starter came along, while we crazily tease our friend S; who getting married this coming jan. Dinner... and cakess..... love it... fun...

It was a fun nite

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

what a coinsidence

last weekend,when I went to church, I met my hometown neighbor who happened to be in Melbourne without me knowing it. But the pai seh thing, he was the one who recognized me first after my friend called my name. In addition, the first word he said to me was ' you look different, Drey' (hmmm... i really did not know what to replied with). Interestingly enough, we were in the same elementary and high school and yet, we met here in Melbourne after few years never met, even though i went back home for holidays. It's feels like i'm at home, and bring back all the memories of home.