Friday, April 29, 2011

small world eh?

I admitted that I have been absent from the blog almost a year. Sure times files, and yes after a crazy headache decision time I returned to uni lives again! Been leading a hectic uni live and with my mom visit.
However, this easter break that seemed short brought a meaningful time for me. I realized how fun a uni lives and with a holiday etc.

This holiday, without fail my friends from sydney come to visited me. Eventhough I only met them 1 day (bcos the rest of the days they went on trips), but seemed it was a meaningful. I guessed it was fun to meet up with friends that you haven't seen for long time. Following that, they brought their melb friend, who actually I know him. And what a small world, I was in previously same group, but now we live in same place! Small world, and even we friend with the same people.
Great catch up, and looking forward