Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY n Vals (year of tiger)

This year, the CNY and valentine day was on the same day; 14feb. Interesting enough, for us chinese people to celebrate both day on 1 shoot together. Isn't it save a bit of money, in celebrating 2 occasion in one day instead? haha.... (chinese thinking)

This CNY/val's, I was celebrating it with my friends. We went to chinese restaurant in Carnigie that serve yee sang (its a must dish on chinese new year); even though at the end we messed up our table. With the most of us wearing red, and some no-red, and only me wearing my pink 'Ben Sherman' shirt that look like all the rest of them celebrating CNY and i was celebrating Vals.

Afterward we headed toward city, following one of my friend's car. OMG, it has been ages that i haven't ride someone car who drove like back in indo. Man............. miss it. We stayed a bit for the lion dance in front of westlake, and the super loud chinese fire crackers.

-heart felt like, but exhausted-

Sunday, February 7, 2010

what a coincidence

sometimes we all think 'what a coincidence' this or that happened to us; or other people, or else on the other time we think its a 'pure luck' or 'got lucky today' etc and etc. But when i think back, and related it to what i believe it could not be those coincidence or luck or whatever it is. But it purely a chance, that you should met this person or good stuffs even a good bargain but deep down i still believe that these happened for a reason for me.

It takes time to find

only took a second to like
and only took a second to hate

the next minutes to be friend
and couple of days to become enemy

slowly to love
and faster to hate

but deep down no body know what your feeling

ps: miss you....