Monday, September 19, 2011


do you believe in fate?
is it such thing as a fate?
sometimes i am tossing around with this term
do i believe in it, yes i do believe in it

last week, I went to Sydney for a week for interviews. However, purely by chance me, D,S, and Ir went out for dinner at Sushi tengoku. Guessed what, I met V by coincidence. Out of no where. Even,I had put our history behind and yet, I needed to met him there, sort of awaken our memories together in me. It was just never crossed my mind that he would be in Sydney in the same time, place and not to mentioned that Sydney was so damn big and yet we still bumped to each other. Even though I already don't have any feeling about us, I still have a guilty feeling when I saw him. Oh well, I hope nothing gone bad.