Monday, December 21, 2009

Hospital staff luncheon

this happened last thursday,as the hospital kitchen people set up a free lunch for all NH staffs. They sent the long list of menu to each staff a week or 2 before hand; which had me drool over just by reading the list.

So on the day, I went down to the dining room at my usual time 12.10pm, only to found long queue of people there. OMG, I had never ever seen so many staff in the dining room ever. Almost every table full, including the garden, and the other garden as well. So yeah i had no choice but to queue up.

It was great lunch and good choices of food as well as dessert.

And tomorrow, our kris kringle time in the hospital, (PS: i heard got santa as well, not sure lah...)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


on sunday, we went to played basket ball and volley ball at monash with my church friends.

If i counted back, when the last time i played; maybe 5 years back??? wooww time surely passed by so quickly. So i started with basketball, with a group that grow in number by the minutes. So it wasn't so tiring for me for the first time. After we all wanted a break and the break seemed long enough for us, to started a new team, which is 3 on 3. This was more tiring than the first one. but i've grown bored over it, and switch to volley ball. Not even 5 minutes, i already got hit by volley ball that fall flat on my face and hit my glasses flat. It didn't make me give up, so i played. The annoying thing was i was never ever and basically never can serve the ball straight. So i told them that, and they insisted me to serve as you can. Okay i gave it a go and yeah the first one flew to the right but still in the court and second one flew far away to the left into the soccer field. Wkakakka.... after that, it annoyed me so much, and somehow i managed to serve straight.

After 3 hours of playing, and i didn't even feel tired or aching. BUT the next day my body was aching all over. huh... this was a result that i was too lazy to do sports on my normal days

early xmas dinner party

Last friday, was officially the last day of my annual leave (sob...sob...sob...). But my crying scene was erased by my path lab dinner party at the Alpha Ouzer on brunswick st. I went there too darn early, arrived at 6.45pm and no body were there. So I decided to called B, since i didn't know who made the booking. But, B didn't pick up the phone, omg... what should i do. I decided to entered the resto and asked the waiter. Firstly, I thought would be booked under A, so I asked the waiter, there was A for 12 people. In my thought it didn't seem right. So i asked again whether any other rsvp at 7pm. He listed out, and yeah.. E sounded ring a bell to me, so i asked for how many person; it was for 22 people. Now it seemed right. Later on one by one people come and (guessed what, they brought wine) OMG how many bottle of wines for the 22 of us. Since the freaking food come so slow (cos we were waiting for few of us who were late) so i kept on drinking wine,by the second full glass; my head spinning and i felt drunk; not only that my face red as well. So i felt the need to sober up by drinking water and ate the entree.

We had a banquet, it was a yummy food, I totally love it and wouldn't mind to come back again. I stayed back until 11.30pm and decided to went back home afraid no public transport for me to go home. Overall, nice outing, great time spent, and lovely food. Also the owner is my colleague's sister's husband.

Friday, December 4, 2009

5 days of pampered

I went to Sydney for a short hollies; which according to my friend it was quite random. Huh (in my head) random??? not really though...I had great time and good old time catching up with my old friends.

One thing that shocked me the most was, they all bought an apartment and car! I didn't expected their moving on stages that fast. So ended up i don't really need to spent my money on accommodation and transport. hahaha lucky me. But many things had changed, not only my friends; my beloved sydney had changed too. It felt like i was back to indo for a while, i seriously didn't feel like i was in western country anymore. I guessed to much asian and sydney has become something different.
Except for those, I had great break from work, re-charged again