Saturday, May 30, 2009


Okay, these started with my 5 years old mobile that just died on me. So I was panicky like crazy. Then it ended up, as coma for the rest of the weekend, and when it returned from Nokia centre; it still the same. So I decided to buy E63, even though feeling guilty deep inside (as that time i was jobless). The following week, I got accepted in Austin; so on the same day I went to have a hair cut in city. Since been long time i had not had a hair cut and my hair getting out of shape. As well as I knew, that when i start the job i would not be able to have lots of free time as roaming around the city to look or even have a hair cut, since my weekend pretty much busy as well. And the following week I STARTED my new job in the hospital... I think so far I like it, firstly the place not as far as my work place before, secondly the public transport just stop infront of the hospital without me need to walk to far (>< i know i dun have enough morning exercise if like this... anyway dun care), thirdly, got shopping mall just opposite the hospital.. yeahh... (even though I haven't been inside to shop, but more or less from outside look like similar to highpoint).

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tuna pastry puff

I've been asked to help to cook a snack to be sold in PD. Firstly, I didn't even know what should I make to start with, but funnily; when J asked me then I straight away said yes without even thinking.
On friday, I was trying to make the indonesian version of cheese cake; but turned up to be a failure. So, I didn't know what else that I felt like making it for. In saturday morning, I decided to flipped some of cooking magazine; I came to give a shot on making the tuna pastry puff. It actually in Indo version is called 'pastel', however, I made some (actually not some its a lots) of modification. But turned up sucessful, other than the silly me that I should picked a short crust instead of puff pastry!!!! Arghh..... Other than that, it's okay.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 and me....

I've been so bored for the past week, not only that and I also fed up with my phone. My world have been revolving around in the same manner, same style and same every single week. That's why I felt it to the max that my boredom limit had reached it peak. So i decided to change a bit.
Starting of the early last week, my nokia 6630 decided to died on me...on the weekend. How frustrated I am. Not only, i lost my contacts I also lost my cute sms and pics. How? It started of by me unable to open a new sms that i received from my friend; then I decided to hit the restart button. BUT when i switch it on, the screen only went so far as 'NOKIA' that's it. Moreover, I didn't realised up until my phone died, that I store my contacts detail in my phone not in SIM CARD!
I went to nokia center to fix it, and few days later ended up that my phone got some problems with micro something and (TO BE ADDED) since I got it in overseas, they said they can't fix it HERE IN AUSSIE! What a bothersome argh...
SO ended up i got a new phone with a quatery keypad... Even, at this stage i tried to save some money, and it's all ended up by spending my money to buy a new mobile phone because of this stupid problem.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Days by day

I miss my hectic life. My busy lifestyle... when I'm gonna get it back? Keeping my unoccupied my occupied. Making my life busy and busy bzzzz. This recession economic crisis, make everything look bad. For investing, for work, for houses, for loans. And for study??
Even though I was glad that I ever work before even though it was few months and it was in the past. I want my life back on track...
Maybe i can be classified as one of thousand or million people who workaholic, but I love it. Even, I know it look bad on my social relation. But its like I can't change it, or maybe I can? I need to work it on though...
I need job....

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The part that i missed

It's been a while since i switch from few different blog account. Then at last I deactivate my xanga. Maybe it's almost a year?!?? I can't really recall. However, now i started to miss bit and pieces of blogging in my spare time.
I felt something missing, then tonite it hit the spot quite rite. So yeah... that's the reason now i re-continue on my blogging for ranting all my unuseful and random things.