Sunday, June 21, 2009


where there a reason
you can continue to live on
where there is a doubt
you can't think clearly
where there is a mistrust
you can't rely on
where there no body
you can still rely on GOD
cries like no body care
cries all your sorrow
place your hope to GOD
don't take control of your life
but let GOD control and direct you
life is His biggest give to you
thankyou that You reminded me on these

This was what i found in yesterday MP.

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Environment

A new month as an official winter season just started.
Me personally, glad that winter started already. Bcos, I just love it.. I don't really like hot weather. But maybe, it kinda funny; since i'm asian born but behaving and liking all western stuffs eg; cold weather, and can't eat chilli. Yeah I know, (for most of my close circle of friends know that I'm more like caucasion than asian). WKAKAKAKA....
As per today, I got home early. Wah.... I should feel happy, but for some certain reason that me myself did not understand as well, I felt guilty cos i thought I should be in the lab doing all my duty instead roaming around in the house. Oh well, I think I'm kinda strange...
This morning I went to AH for induction session in the morning then I stayed there for a while for lunch, had my blood taken in the pathology as a compulsory (ouuuccchhh, I know I should scared of the stupid needle ) but still for the first bottle to be filled in, I quickly looked away; but I embarace myself to looked at it later on for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th bottle to be filled in with MY BLOOD!! >.<
I went to AH REPAT to get my ID, then I went back straight home...

PS: that AH is way..way.. bigger with a cool looking building design compared to NH. But for the time being I like it in NH. haha... can't complain lah... I'm happy as it is...