Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I've been abandoning my blog for quite sometimes. After the packing session, it seemed that my life been go..go and go.. Have no time to even to relax or even have a 'me time'. I have new job, new friends and new community. All of these are important and exiting for me. For my new job, its been a hard full on for the first few weeks. As my supervisor and my boss, just literally just said this that and just throw me of I went. Oh gosh.. how the heck suppose I know or learn the techniques that I never use before? But at least now all under control and its a fun working life, as well I just realize it now that I had grown a lot by leaving my comfort zone and tackle it. Even it's hard at the start and to be honest I hate it, but now all I can see, that it was a learning period and time for me to grow. Loving my hectic and chop..chop.. lifestyle which keep me functioning.

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