Sunday, May 13, 2012

packing.. and... packing...

The most things I hate is PACKING!!! I had started packing for a week plus. The reason was, I always in denial whenever I started to see the boxes and my stuffs in the wardrobe. It was so hard to throw stuff that barely useful anymore for me, some of it I still like it. Bcos it got some memories on it. But, I really need to decide if I would use those or not. I think that's why my stuffs so much like a mountain high! Luckily now, all the stuffs 90% already in boxes or suitcase, so now I got limited stuffs that I can wear until I move. Currently I am looking for a good removal which with a reasonable price. Still tossing to call them. And as a main reason I need to weight all my boxes and suitcase!! So any suggestion on any removal company?

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